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How does it feel to return home and find that you did not make the most of what the place had to offer you? Certainly not pleasant! That is why all of our tours are personalized and therefore, they lead you to get to know beyond the conventional, we set up your itinerary, providing all the possibilities according to your desires:

  • Family Activities;
  • Beach Tours;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Historic and cultural tours;
  • Shopping tours;
  • Gastronomy;
  • Alternative destinations, adventure, you name it! All of them carefully prepared to make you “feel Santa Catarina”.
BombinhasBombinhasPorto BeloCosta EsmeraldaBalneário Camboriú - Interpraias
  • Bombinhas
  • Mergulho em Bombinhas
  • Porto Belo
  • Costa Esmeralda
  • Balneário Camboriú - Interpraias
Morro do Careca - Praia BravaTrilha - Costa EsmeraldaQuatro Ilhas - BombinhasMercado PúblicoBarra Norte - Balneário Camboriú
  • Morro do Careca
  • Trilha Ecológica
  • Bombinhas - Praia de Quatro Ilhas
  • Mercado Público
  • Barra Norte - Balneário Camboriú
Trilha da Praia da GamboaVila Germânica - BlumenauTrapiche de MorrinhosSão Francisco do SulGovernador Celso Ramos
  • Praia da Gamboa
  • Blumenau - Vila Germânica
  • Trapiche de Morrinhos
  • São Francisco do Sul
  • Governador Celso Ramos